Wrecking Ball

Ok, so along with the rest of America, I have Miley’s newest song Wrecking Ball running through my head all the time these days.  Which brings me to… my house.  Today, this morning, I’ve hit it like a wrecking ball, so to speak.  Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better??  These pictures DO NOT include the immense amounts of drywall dust happening upstairs, and the pics also cannot communicate the amounts of smoke that billowed from my oven when I turned on the “self clean” cycle…  It drove me right out of the house to the grocery store.

DSC_0921sheet washing
DSC_0920 closet organizing


one load of the four or five making its way up from the basement today

the joys of vacuuming under the dining table.

DSC_0926the laziness of throwing crap down the stairs that needs to be washed.

DSC_0922the baby paraphernalia taking over my bedroom
DSC_0923the new to me coffee table purchased at the town-wide yard sale this weekend that may or may not actually fit in the living room…

oh yeah, and i painted the cabinets and other “storage vessels” currently occupying our kitchen.  blue.  at some point the pulls must be re-attached and the touch-ups must be finished.   and, last, but certainly not least, the mound of recycling to be added to the pile (that hasn’t been put out in two weeks) along with a random bag of trash that i should probably take out too.  did i mention we have a tornado situation as a possibility here today?  Wrecking Ball.  Monday.DSC_0925


What Makes A Better World?

Well in the case of A Better World Salad, finely chopped kale, marinated tofu, delicious slivered almonds and a soy-ish dressing.  A Better World Cafe is a place I started volunteering a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s what they do:

  • You may pay the suggested price or something different. If you pay more, you will help feed someone else who has more limited resources.
  • You may volunteer an hour of time in exchange for a meal.
  • You may dine on the complimentary dish of the day if you can neither pay nor volunteer.
  • You may use the complimentary dish as one of your selections when you are selecting multiple items, to help keep your total cost down.

The mission is basically that everyone should be able to eat good nutritious food–and not only that they should have access to it, but that they should be able to afford it.  I think so too.  Food costs a lot.  Especially good food.

If you’re in HP for lunch, come on in.  I’ll probably be there on Thursdays.

Kid Activities

Whew!  Kids can get involved in lots of stuff.  And really quickly, too.  We try to keep the Kid’s life pretty low key and predictable (except for the whole hey-you’re-going-to-have-a-sibling thing).  So, we signed him up for two things this semester: our town’s rec soccer league and a swimming class at the local university that he’s been going to for the past couple of years.  Dude loves swimming.  Plus, we got him in a class on Friday afternoon that the husband can take him to.  And, he likes to kick a ball around and hasn’t ever tried a team sport, so for a whopping $60 + the cost of shoes, soccer seemed like an easy one.

But, then there’s also kids’ choir at church, a really cool Afro-Caribbean drumming/dance thing that happens through a local cultural center, oh yeah… and soccer practices during the week, and playdates, and and and and….